Day 14

Creative Power

Through exercise, we increase our power. Physical or mental, it doesn't matter.

If you want to become good at art or anything else, you need to push. But there is a catch.

Always start with something easy, and when it becomes too easy, then increase the pressure just a bit.

Never overload yourself. Rise with ease.


Mark Rise


Daily Art

Inspired by great artists, I decided to start with the Daily Art project. If we want to live our dream, we need to work on it daily. This is my dream, to enjoy the art. Every single day.

But this is not just about me. I want to share my work with you and allow you to use these illustrations in the process of realizing your dreams. You can put them into your workflow and expand your business opportunity.

Enjoy these beautiful forms, and use them for something positive and good. We all have the same goal, to make this planet more beautiful and creative. Peace.

What you will get?