Day 5

Creativity and sport

Does physical activity increase our creativity?

In my case, Yes, and I will give you five reasons why.

1. My mood is much better, and I am more motivated to create. I look at the world more positively, and therefore my purpose as well.

2. Sport is a good way to stop my mind and take a psychic break. Peace of mind is essential for inspiration.

3. It is great for self-confidence. I am open to try new things and go into the unknown. It's very important if you want to grow as an artist.

4. The pain in my upper back stopped. 😉

5. Long-life means a lot of creativity.

Real creativity is a process of joy, but you can't have it without a healthy body. So, move on.


Mark Rise


Daily Art

Inspired by great artists, I decided to start with the Daily Art project. If we want to live our dream, we need to work on it daily. So, my dream is to enjoy art every single day.

But this is not just about me. I hope that these illustrations will inspire you too. My art is just a piece, and without you, the picture is not complete. So, if you feel inspired, take a small step today, and you can reach the stars in one of the following days.