Day 7

How to get attention as an artist?

We usually look for a trick or shortcut to draw attention to our work.

The more we search for the magic formula, the further we are from its essence. So much brainstorming always brings headaches.

And you will always come back to the same thing. Do what your passion is, and do it every single day. And take your best friend along the way, your patience.

Only that formula works


Mark Rise


Daily Art

Inspired by great artists, I decided to start with the Daily Art project. If we want to live our dream, we need to work on it daily. So, my dream is to enjoy art every single day.

But this is not just about me. I hope that these illustrations will inspire you too. My art is just a piece, and without you, the picture is not complete. So, if you feel inspired, take a small step today, and you can reach the stars in one of the following days.